Tuesday, July 17, 2007

On Scaling

This is just a brief stop for the morning, more coming later. But someone asked me what I meant in the last post by "scales well" and "scaling."

Basically, what it boils down to is that there's a lot of processing going on with Balance druids. Let's take a fairly simple situation: I cast a single Wrath. My spell damage (from gear) is +200, my int is 300. Here's what has to happen.

1) Add 25% of int to spell damage. Spell damage is now 275.
2) If I'm 5/5 Wrath of Cenarius, I add 10% of my bonus spell damage to wrath. That brings it to 302 spell damage.
3) The damage coefficient for wrath (i.e., how much of your total bonus damage is applied to the spell) is 57%, so that means about 172 of the damage will actually be added to the wrath.
4) Top-rank wrath does an average of about 405 damage, so the total damage goes to 577.
5) If I have 5/5 moonfury, Wrath does 10% more damage, so that brings me to a total of around 635 damage from a wrath.

Spell damage has an interesting relationship throughout this process. Look at Wrath of Cenarius and Moonfury, particularly.

If I only have 100 spell damage, Wrath of Cenarius is only going to be giving me another 10 spell damage on wraths, 20 on starfires. Not horrible, but come on, there are potions that give you 24 spell damage + 24 spell crit. However, if I have 500 spell damage, Wrath of Cenarius is giving me 50 spell damage. Much better. And the higher you go, the more bang you get for your buck. Moonfury takes that bonus damage and magnifies it.

Now, look at this in terms of total damage of the spell. I'll use starfire this time to make the math simpler.

Starfire's average damage at max level is about 588. I have 100 bonus spell damage. The damage coefficient is 100%, so that means the starfire will be 688 on average. If I factor in talents, you're looking at the following:

(588 + (100*1.2))*1.1 = 778.9

That means your talents are granting you about 91 damage, or roughly 13% damage from baseline (no talents). Now let's look at it with a higher bonus damage, say, 600. Baseline damage without talents is 1188.

(588+(600*1.2))*1.1 = 1438.8

Now your talents are granting you about 250 damage, or about 21% damage from baseline. As you can see, you get proportionally greater returns the higher you go in spell damage.


Kyanr said...

Basically your +Dmg increases faster with talents than without...right?

On a completely unrelated note...I love your blog...ive been thinking of respeccing to balance but i love feral so much...so...i made another druid im hoping to lvl pretty fast...thanks for the tips...

Mera said...

Boomkin is teh p00nzor ( i hate leet speak, but for some reason i always want to type that)

On a note with spell scaling from wrath of cenarius.

Wrath has a dmg coefficient of 57% without talents right.
So if you have 100 spell dmg, all said wrath gains 57 damage.

With WoC, the coefficient goes up to 67%. So from 100 spell dmg, wrath gains 67 dmg.
Thus, a 10% increase to coefficient (Im fairly sure thats how it works) gives 67/57 - about 17.5% increase from spell damage.

Fiordhraoi said...

@Kyanr -

Basically yes, but the more important thing to realize is that you get an increased percentage benefit the higher your spell damage goes. At the extreme low level, 49, 5/5 Wrath of Cenarius will probably only give your DPS an increase of a few percentage points (I haven't done the math, but I'd guess around 2%-3%). Mostly because there just plain isn't much spell damage gear at that level. The higher in spell damage you go, the higher percentage benefit WoC will give you. So while it may not be a worthwhile talent early on, later it becomes much more valuable.

@Mera -

Essentially right, but you're only looking at spell damage in your formula. To get a true picture of your DPS output, you have to calculate in the base damage of the spell.

Pesce said...

Great information. Since the guild I started (and I'm not feral) is an ALL DRUID guild, I'll be sure to point guildies toward your blog. We have over 130 Druids in the guild, but "all Druid" guilds are not built for raids or the more deadly instances. However, we sure do have alot of fun together.

Thanks again.
Pesce - Special Forces

Mera said...

damn a full druid guild would be fun - im guessin you can cope with most non heroic instances, cos all but resto could off tank.

and yea, stupidly i forgot base dmg. /slap - 17.5% is too good to be true

Fiordhraoi said...

@Pesce -
I want to see your guild do an all druid BG. Everyone stealths and then ambushes the living crap out of the enemy! It would rule! :D

@Mera - Well, the fun part is that because the spell damage can exceed the spell base damage, you can
actually get very large percentages. As you approach 900-1000 spell damage, you're looking at the 20% range or so for damage increase, if I remember the numbers correctly.

Mera said...

you mean 20% dmg increase per extra 100 points of +spell damage?

hmm --
avg. base damage of 588
with 900 spell damage, you get 1.2*900 + 588 per starfire = 1668
with 1000 spell dmg, you get
1.2*1000 + 588 per sf = 1788
1788/1668 = ~1.06,
a 6% damage increase for adding on 100 spell damage.
Not sure where you got 20% from.
base of 588
1000 +dmg = 1788
1788/588 = ~3.04, or a 204% dmg increase.
(sorry bout coverin ur blog in workings, - take it as a sign i want more)

I digress - more spell damage ftw, and it scales very well xD