Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On Pity for the Fool

We so win here. Alliance gets Mr. T. Way better than William Shatner any day. Woo!

(For full disclosure, got this link from TJ, but I posted it first, so NYAH NYAH!)


Dammerung said...

Its so true. Blizzard nerfed the horde and gave us Shatner. Doesn't even matter that he's a shammy... he's shatner...


The Egotistical Priest said...

Where can I get an A-Team smart car?

Growl said...

dammerung - shame, shame on you!

Shat's the man. He (pause) is conduit (pause) for all that is l33t about Horde. Though I gotta say - Blizz missed an opportunity by not having Chuck Norris stand in for one of those commercials. Barrens chat would be absolutely *unbearable* :)

The Alliance getting Mr. T is just wrong. He has way too much good mojo to give it to those gnome loving, alterac valley despoiling, mail-box dancing pretenders!

Owen Wilson would have been a more apt choice ;)


Dandin (dunemaul) said...

Maybe, Mr. T hacked the system, and made his own class! Maybe, Mr. T is really savvy with computers! Did you ever think about that Mr. Condescending Announcer Guy!

(sorry for mangling it, but lol!)