Thursday, November 15, 2007

On Why I Can't Manage to Write in my Blog Consistently

Excuses? Maybe. But here's an idea.

10) "Hang on, we've got to run a new pair of wires from the switch, you're going to lose internet for a minute. Yeah, 3 cables from the switch in the other room to this one. Wait, what's spanning-tree protocol? Broadcast storm? Nah, it'll be fine."

9) "Sorry, Vinny has to head out to a customer site, you're going to be alone on the phones supporting our 148 customer companies again today."

8) "Hi, I think I deleted my internet."

7) "My backup job said it was incomplete! Never mind that I didn't read the actual report to see that the thing it didn't back up was an email from the Exchange server that had been quarantined by the AV since it was spam with a virus. I NEED that virus laden penis enlargement mail on my backup tape!"

6) Get up for work: 7am. Get home from work: 7pm. Go to bed: 12am-1am.

5) Hewlett-Packard Support. Or rather, lack thereof. Same tablet computer, 14 months old. Has been out for service for literally 8 of those 14 months. Took 5 months and shipping it back and forth 6 times to get fixed properly the first time. Second time, still in progress.

4) This guy: "Yeah, I'm pretty okay with computers, so if you just kind of point me in the right direction I can set up a SQL (pronouncing it "squill") connection myself, I'm sure."

3) "Our fax server is down."

2) This lady: "I came back from lunch and logged in, and my desktop is missing, and my emails are gone, and I don't know what happened to it all! I have a closing in half an hour and...oh...oh, wait, never mind, I sat at the wrong desk. Bye!"

1) Actually playing WoW, rather than writing about it.


Doomilias said...





Delos said...

11) What do you mean I can't run Bittorrent?

12) Millions of printer problems. I loathe printers. In an office space fax machine kind of way. "PC Load Letter? WTF does that mean!?!?"

Squill, haha.

Ratshag said...

Yeah, you scoff now, but one of these I'm gonna accidently delete my internet, all you buggers out there is gonna be sorry when you don't exist no more.

Dick said...

My favorited is when they call and say "The Internet is down, when are you going to get it back up?"

I feel your pain

MeatShield said...

Personal favorite:
Network guys: Oh...hey guys.... umm...we accidentally disassociated the IP address from the DNS...Good luck!
Tech phone guys: this a joke?
Network guys: Nope! I guess we just made a goof up! Oh well! We will fix in a few days and hope the ISP servers reset the cache so our customers can get to our website again!
Tech phone guys: *bleep*

Stale said...

I always get the "Whats my password, I am trying to log onto a new machine".


Squill... ROFL