Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So just a quick present for everyone. It's a spreadsheet that lets you compare two pieces of gear for your balance druid. Put the levels of talents you have up top, and then fill in the numbers for the two pieces of gear. It will tell you how much total your stats will change - it calculates in things like the fact that intellect adds to spell crit, that you get a percentage of int to spell damage with the right talents, etc.

In the right hand column, it will display all the changes. Green means that switching to gear #2 will net you a gain, red is a loss.

For the record, it is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. I made it in Excel 2007, but I saved it so it SHOULD work in earlier versions. If you have trouble viewing it though, grab the Excel 2007 compatibility pack from Microsoft here.


Brian said...

This is excellent, thanks for your work. I have one small correction to the formulas for Gear Piece 2. Several of them (for example Total Spell Damage) are referencing cells in column G for the talent point coefficients. These references should be changed to column C.

Full balance has become my favorite spec and I'm grateful for your posts. Good balance analysis and advice is really hard to find.

- Traxus @ Black Dragonflight

Fiordhraoi said...

Good catch, and fixed. File is now right. Thanks!