Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Needing More Ideas

So I'm scouring my brain trying to figure out what else I can post about being a balance druid, and it seems like everything is scattered into little pockets that are in interesting tidbit for conversation but would take all of 3 lines and not make a very good blog post.

So fire away! What questions do you have? I'll take anything, and if I don't know the answer, so be it. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. stuff I learned the hard way as a doomkin and wish someone had told me.. Agro management. Mana management. The little tricks you can do to make yourself the unexpected hero (often flinging your birdie self between the mob and the healer). The little tricks that make 2 and 3 man quests totally easy at level for a doomkin. Maybe you could do a tips and tricks column! By the way, love the blog.

Cailleach of Eonar. Even if I just did respec 24/0/37 for an experiment, I'm still a doomkin for life!

Mera said...

On rolling on cloth?
Rant about itemisation?

Lolcatz! (they really do make me laugh)

How to be beat BRK on dmg meters? (Is this possible?)

Zerei said...

How about healing with your spec? I'm sure most druids end up healing in some form from time to time, especially in raids. Does anything about your spec make that easier or more difficult than being a feral in an offhealer position?

I like Cailleach's suggestion on aggro management too. Moonkin don't seem to get a threat reduction talent, how do you go about dealing any significant damage with that in mind?

Tips and tricks as well!

Urthona of Cenarion Circle said...

I'd like a pre-raid/pre-heroic list of gear for balance druids to obtain. A similar list was made for beartanks, and I achieved that no problem.

These pre-raid/pre-heroic lists for moonkin builds could be built in several fashions. One for +spell damage, one for +crit, one for only-leather, one for optimum mana efficiency, one for maximum intellect, one for those that choose to PVP/Arena.


I'd like a discussion on the merits of INT, and at what point it achieves equilibrium with +spell damage.


Perhaps a discussion of optimum spell rotations in farming, dungeons, and raiding?


I know many of these are probably math-heavy requests, but I would love to have a resource for these questions.

Phaelia said...

You might consider spotlighting Xavier from Eredar who recently wrote an extensive guide on PvPing as a Moonkin in 5v5 and is 2000+ rated: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=1133917269&sid=1

Hoofio said...

As has been said: Theorycraft on +SD Vs Int

Threat is interesting for us.. I personally put no points in Subtelty for raiding as protecting the healer can only happen if you grab aggro quick... course it means one crit too many and i've got the tank's mob on me (ugh skeletal ushers) but then i gimp all +crit for +hit/+SD and it seems to work out ok.

The limits on full boom spec (46/0/15ish) doing the other drood roles.. I think we're good enough healers even to make kara (with kara gear on ofc)

.. and with tanking gear on what sort of job can we do? (one hilarious drunken night in SL with 4 dps guildies comes to mind :P) we can use consumables which is one thing our ursine pals can't.

a macro topic (terrible at those things)

maximum cc ability.. trees to chain cyclone to rejuv, barkskin, shift.. how long can you hold up one of moroes adds before you shout HAEL?

how excited about zul'aman? outdoor instance = roots work = boomkins more useful in raids :D (specially as other cc doesn't work apparently)

pvp balance (scuse the pun) issues.. apparently class balance is based on 5v5 not individuals.. explains why locks really are imba and why no droods represent in arena? (personally i kick ass duelling.. but only when trees aren't on cd :D)

just off the top of my head.. i'll tryto think of some more... aroorooroo :P

Pesce said...

I'm Balance all the way. Currently doing allot of pvp for gear upgrades since it's very hard to get into Kara as a Balance spec. My guild (Special Forces) is 100% Druids, 150 of us, but we arn't made for the big raid instances.

I have a question that maybe someone can answer. In pvp, arena's, and individual duels, as long as I'm matched 1v1, I don't lose, and have never lost (thanks to major help from my trees), but against healers (Pally's and Priests), I cannot bring them down. What's the trick to them? Is there a tactic that anyone has found effective?

Traxus said...

What cloak enchant would you recommend for a balance druid who mostly does pvp? I currently have the +120 armor enchant but the mitigation seems negligible and it isn't multiplied in moonkin form.

I've been considering +20 spell penetration to help me chew through anyone who has a Mark or other resistance buff. I have the Veteran's Band of Dominance so my total penetration would be 30.

Stealth would give me a better edge when defending in BGs or at the beginning of an arena match. To a level 70 player I would have the reduced detection radius of level 71. Anything that would keep a rogue/druid from catching me in my squishy cat form is definitely worth it. I've read that a new version of this enchant will be available from CE in patch 2.2 with updated mats.

Phaelia from Resto4Life brought up an interesting way of looking at Shadow resistance. An increased chance to resist the fears and dots of shadow priests and warlocks is just fine with me.

What do you think? Thanks in advance for your advice.

- Traxus @ Black Dragonflight